Hope for Those Who Struggle with Addiction

We understand that drug and alcohol addictions are progressive diseases. In order to live a clean and sober life, a new foundation must be built.

Atishwin is the Chumash Indian word for dream helper. Bill Vineyard and his staff at the Atishwin Institute are deeply committed to the suffering alcoholic and the drug addicted person. His life's work has been about making the impossible happen for the individual and his family living under the power of addiction. We want to assist you in breaking the cycle of substance dependence to make dormant dreams come true.

If you are ready to discover your dreams or if a loved one's dreams are being snuffed out by addiction, email us at atishwin937@gmail.com or call 316.681.2533 to schedule an appointment today.


Cutting Edge Treatment

Atishwin uses a holistic approach to treating each client. We examine the whole person to determine the best approach to treatment for each individual within the parameters of our program. Cognitive based therapy, emotional therapy, psychodramatic role-playing and the twelve step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are all part of our treatment program. Clients are involved in individual and group therapy and whenever possible, the client's family is included in the process.

Sober Living House

Atishwin’s Sober Living Home is an adult communal living environment for people with the common goal to achieve long-term sobriety. We at Atishwin understand the struggles a newly recovering person undergoes when they begin the process of rebuilding their life. Let us be a part of your journey into Recovery.

We are a team of loving, caring and committed people to those in Recovery. We know what you are facing and how difficult it can be to start living again. We feel Atishwin’s Sober Living House can help you as you start to face the enormous challenges of Living Life on Life’s Terms. Everyone has to start somewhere, why not start in a safe, loving place? Choose a place where you can experience Sober Living.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

We have a wealth of experience in evaluating and assessing the need for drug and alcohol treatment. Atishwin has been a provider of DUI evaluations for Sedgwick County and courts across Kansas since 1982. Since then, we have evaluated and made specific recommendations for thousands of individuals in need of these services.

Assessments can be scheduled for substance related cases and also drug related charges.

The easiest way to schedule an evaluation with us is to call the office at (316) 681-2533 or email us at atishwin937@gmail.com.

Our Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient treatment is open to both males and females. Outpatient sessions can be tailored to meet the client's scheduling needs. The outpatient treatment program is based on a six-week schedule consisting of group sessions and individual sessions. We offer a variety of cognitive, educational, 12-step recovery based program groups as well.

A payment plan can be developed to meet the client's needs, but we do require the full amount to be paid in the six week timeframe. Most of all, Atishwin Institute is committed to finding a way to meet the client's individual needs with treatment, scheduling, finances, and any unique circumstances they might have.

The barriers to Outpatient Treatment at Atishwin Institute are as follows:

English Speaking: We are an English Seaking only facility, though we are prepared to cooperate with a translator for any situation.

Detoxification/Ambulatory: All participants of Outpatient Treatment should be detoxified and ambulatory before beginning the treatment process.

Adolescent Cliental: We do not currently accept adolescents into our outpatient program.

If you are ready to discover your dreams or if a loved one's dreams are being snuffed out by addiction, email us at atishwin937@gmail.com or call 316.681.2533 to schedule an appointment today.